April 12th, 2018


New battery

My bigger laptop's old battery was dying. Started one day when I turned on the computer and after five minutes of using it, it went into sleep mode. When I woke it up I found it was down to 2% power, which was odd because while it hadn't been plugged in at the time, I know for a fact it had been at 100% the day before at shutoff.

When I later restarted the computer, it gave me some message about the battery before going into Windows. When it finally would get into Windows, it would read as being 70% charged even though it had said 100% when it had last been on. And it's given me the BSOD a few times in what I think are battery related incidents.

Anyway, I bought a new battery for it from Amazon for $15. Put it in today, plugged it in, and I didn't get that pre-Windows battery message again this time. Now it's been plugged in for a while and is at 100% now. I haven't restarted the computer yet, so we'll see how things go when that happens.

If this battery is in fact working properly now, I'll probably take the old one in to ECR to be recycled. Then next month I'll get a new battery for the smaller laptop. Ever since I've had it, it's done this thing where if I run it unplugged and with the brightness all the way down, I'm lucky to get an hour of use out of it. I should probably have replaced the battery ages ago. If I can, I'll do that next month.

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