March 11th, 2018


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Hermione not amused

Witnessed a dog attack

On my way to Starbucks to meet Lily, I was over by 42nd and Broadway when this other woman and I were passing a woman with two big fucking dogs. Then out of the blue, no obvious reason, but dogs got aggressive with this woman, one of them biting her on the arm.

It's not as bad as it could've been, because she had a larger jacket on, which made the damage minimal.

I wanted nothing more than to run for it, and I did flee across the street, but the owner got her beasts contained, though they did try to attack me when I came back over. I called 911 but the women who got bit didn't need an ambulance, she's just got some bleeding and has to get rabies shot, as well as being understandably very upset and crying. Hopefully she'll sue and get those monsters put down. Those dogs are huge, nobody in a city should have even one dog that big, let alone two. As Alex would say, "City dwellers should be restricted to dogs that can be punted across the street if they get aggressive."

911 operator said he was sending someone, but didn't specify who, just that it wasn't an ambulance. But fifteen or twenty minutes later, nothing. I called back, but the dipshit hadn't made any record of sending anyone. By that time, the victim and the owner of the monsters had exchanged contract information with the help of two other passers-by, so everyone decided to go out separate ways, mostly. The two other passers-by helped her to, I presume, either her car or to home.

Though honestly, the real monster here was the owner. Yes, she contained her savage beasts and stayed behind to trade information with the victim, but only after the victim and I yelled at her when she tried to leave, and the evil woman had the audacity to be smiling most of the time. Not horror, or shame, or anger at her monsters for attacking someone, but smiling. Not a huge grin or anything like that, but still a smile. Disgusting. I hope the law puts those beasts down, maybe that'll wipe the smile off that asshole's face.

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