January 15th, 2018


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Cool dream

Just had a dream that was pretty cool. It was mainly because of the high picture definition, I was lucid and was enjoying looking at stuff.

First thing that caught my eye was a display of colored pencils, mainly because these were as long as my forearm, and the one I was looking at started out white and turned to rainbow at the end. I remember reading it was by Prismacolor. There were all the little details you'd expect on a colored pencil - brand name done as normal in real life, reflections of light off the lacquer, the numbers and letters in different places.

Then I moved on to an empty can of wood stain, brand new can just didn't have anything in it. I remember thinking that maybe my brain couldn't do the weight, or hadn't expected to need to. I also remember the printing on one side was an image of wooden floor paneling. I tried reading the can but it was in Spanish, I could pick out words I recognized.

I picked up something else to read it and could read ingredients. I remember whatever I was reading had shrimp and chicken in it, which made me hungry, so I bought it. It turned out to be some sort of Chinese food.

The store owner was annoyed with me for being so much in awe of everything, I think he thought I was high or something. Even the weird mess the receipt got mangled into was fascinating to me. I remember so much of the dream because I was determined to do so.

Yeah, I can read actual words in my dreams. And I was lucid enough I was checking for word salad. Dunno about the Spanish bit, but the other things I was reading made sense. And I've had dreams in the past where I read things on the Internet that I later remembered as being real when they weren't. I remember those dreams well enough to tell you that they weren't word salad, they made sense. Enough sense that I only worked out they were from dreams when I found out they weren't true and traced the memory back to its source as a result. And honestly I think the reason they stuck in my mind as real so powerfully is because I was actually reading them, not just the thing of looking at squiggles and getting a translation in your head.

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