December 31st, 2017


Sports seasons for schools

I'm finding it annoyingly hard to find out when the sports seasons for US schools (middle school, junior high, and high schools) are. It's potentially relevant to the Ravenstone story, even if only so I can make note of times when it annoys Dalia with pep rallies. :)

And yes, Fae Springs plays normal sports. I haven't had any good ideas for magical sports, and I'm not sure what I think of flying sports for this world, for a school sport, but I'm leaning against it because the witches (genderless term) of the Ravenstone world aren't as sturdy as Potterverse wizards and witches. Pretty sure these witches would think Quidditch was an absolutely insane idea. I'm also thinking there's a ban on unauthorized flying on school grounds. It's not like flying would be taught there, either; honestly that was one part of Harry Potter that made little sense, because flying is kind of conspicuous. Their forms of magical transportation are inconspicuous.

I mean, if anyone has any ideas for magical sports that don't involve people flying around risking their lives, I'd love to hear them. But for now I'll settle with knowing when schools do different mundane sports.

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