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December 14th, 2017

Enormous book!

So... I got this book ("Natural Satanic Witchcraft" by Kindra Ravenmoon) because it has malevolent uses for gemstones, which is information I can't find anywhere else, even though it was $22. I needed this information for my Ravenstone fiction story, it might be useful for that, when it comes time to decide wands for villains and/or dark witches in the story. (Okay, honestly Alex wanted it first, but whatever. He wants a lot of things I haven't gotten him, I only got this one because it had the gemstone information in it.)

When I ordered it, I was confused why it was $22, but I got it anyway, because Amazon had it cheapest of anywhere I could find it. Anyway, once I got it out of the Amazon locker (much more secure than having it delivered at home and risking them leaving it outside where the local meth heads could steal it), I immediately was like "What the fuck? This is the book? The package is HUGE!" And sure enough, out came this enormous book. Like, no bloody wonder it was $22, and I feel now like I got a bargain. I think it's so huge because it's a large print book. (None of this was mentioned anywhere on the page for the thing.)

Still, a bit annoying, this book. No index, no table of contents. I'm going to have to read through the headers of every page to find the information I'm looking for, if it's even in there. I'll be very annoyed if it isn't.

And no, I did not get the name Ravenstone from her "Ravenmoon" name. I got it from "Ravenwood," which I heard somewhere, and changed it from Ravenwood to Ravenstone.

Image under the cut for size.

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My life as an empath

My life as an empath who can't shield:

Imagine you're in a crowded room that's very noisy, like a party, where people are talking and loud music is playing. It's loud and grates on the nerves. You can't escape it. Putting earplugs in muffles things a little but it never goes away. You can't really tune out, either. Best you can do is grit your teeth and tolerate it. You have to learn how to get to sleep with that noise always there. Worse, if you live with someone else, the volume doubles even when they're asleep, and you can't tell the difference between them being awake or asleep, because there is no difference you can discern between the two. You either learn to tolerate it or you go insane.

And then my roommate claims she can't sleep if I'm awake because she's a empath and can sense me being awake. And I'm like "welcome to my life. Suck it up, princess."

Like seriously, if I can sleep through the empathic equivalent of a never ending party, you can learn to sleep through me being awake. Especially since you've apparently been doing it for years and you're only just now complaining about it.

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My tweets

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Holy crap, I saw someone on the bus earlier using a portable CD player, you know the old CD walkmans? Holy shit, I felt like I was looking at an antique. Gods, I hated those things even when they were new. Skipped like mad. The moment MP3 players came out I got one and ditched the portable CD player. Just... wow. I don't get it, MP3 players are super cheap now for the 2 GB ones, that guy seriously needs to upgrade.

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Oh wow. I have a minor character in my Ravenstone story named Charlotte Bacon, I don't think she's even appeared in the story yet, but apparently one of the Sandy Hook victims had the same name. I didn't even know that until a few minutes ago! (I shall keep her in there in honor of that poor deceased girl.)

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