October 9th, 2017


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So the TV show Rick and Morty, back in the first episode of its second season (the one that just finished) had Rick going on a rant about this shitty McDonalds version of Szechuan sauce they had back in the 90's as a promotional thing for Mulan, and it prompted fans of the show to call for its return. McDonalds obliged, but only for one day. And now people are getting bent out of shape over it.

Honestly, when I first saw the episode of Rick and Morty where he was going off about that shitty fascimile of Szechuan sauce McDonalds used to have, I first wondered how or why anyone would ever remember something so stupid in the first place, and then I was like, "Rick, seriously, Szechuan sauce is not some rare lost item from your misspent early years. You can literally buy it at almost any restaurant in the US." (Which now I think on it, may have been exactly the point, a point which has apparently sailed over the heads of thousands of dumbasses across the country.)

I also thought it was stupid, a sort of dadaesque thing to be included in a modern TV show, though given the show's nature, I didn't really question it too hard. I thought Rick was being a dumbass for getting so bent out of shape over it, though. Now hundreds, maybe thousands of real-life idiots across the country are being equally stupid about it.

Like seriously, it boggles my mind why anyone would get that bent out of shape over a sauce that is to actual Szechuan sauce as dog shit is to a Pizza Hut pizza.

Seriously, if you could pay $20 for a pizza or $15 for a sack of dog shit that used to be a pizza before the dog ate it, which would you rather get? Well if you're one of these idiots, you'd pay $15 for the dog shit.

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