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August 3rd, 2017

Gender questions

In response to something ysabetwordsmith posted about a "metagender" character (link here), I wrote:

Then too, there's the Ah'koi bahnis, who would find the concept of gender confusing and or fascinating, as they have only one sex. I mean, to tie personality traits to something as odd as differences in anatomy??? They would ask questions like "So if you lose an arm, what is your gender then?" Or "what gender are you if you have an extra finger?" Or "penis is male, vagina is female... What if you have neither? What if you are a mutant with a cloaca?" "What gender is a sponge?" "My people have both a penis and a vagina. Are we all to like both dolls and trucks at once? How does one express and yet also repress their emotions? Should I oppress myself? Do we get paid the male rate for having a penis, or does our ability to get pregnant condemn us to the female pay rate? We do not have menses and yet we can get pregnant; does your god still consider us unclean? Do I still 'need a man' though I can impregnate myself or do I count as my own man in that situation?" Or other questions like "What if one has none of the traits assigned either gender, assuming that were possible?"

Oh, it could be fun to write a story like that. :)

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Damn weather and shit

Can't stand to be here in the apartment cuz of the heat. Can't go outside or open a window because forest fires are making the air quality dangerous. (300 times worse than China, where they wear face masks because of the smog) Can't go out for fun, can't go to the store. I hate life right now.

I may order food online for delivery. It's too hot to cook, and the only other thing edible is deli meat I'm running low on anyway.

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Latin joke

Today's weather: A fronte solis, a tergo silva ignes.

(To the front, the sun. Behind us, forest fires.)

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Delivery, UGH

So because of the heat and the haze outside from the forest fires, I wanted food. I tried to order from Chin's Kitchen, which is the place I usually order delivery food from. Well, they've been bought by new owners and they no longer do delivery. Which is fucking stupid, because I'm certain 60% or more of their business was from deliveries. And I know it's now unlikely Brooke or I will be buying from them unless we happen to be in the area at the same time as a hankering.

So I looked online and tried Subway, but they do their delivery through some weird third party website thing, GrubHub. The same site suggested Panda Express, and since I didn't really want Subway, I tried ordering some Panda Express because their site said a $2 delivery fee and a minimum order of $15, which was $5 less than Chin's Kitchen used to do. But then they do their delivery though GrubHub too, and that site said $4 fee and minimum order of $30, which is ridiculous.

Next, I tried ordering a pizza online from HotLips. It said minimum order of $20 for delivery. I made a $20 order, and it refused to recognize it as valid. So I changed my order by getting a larger size, thinking maybe the pizza had to be $20 before adding extras. Cheapest I could get that I could eat was $28. I'm not paying almost $30 for a fucking pizza when a frozen one I can eat is $9 in the store, so I gave up on that and called them instead, on the thought that the website was glitchy and that's why it wouldn't take my $20 order.

Well that wasn't any better; the phone kept cutting out, I couldn't understand anything they were saying. Very hangry at this point, I hung up and said "Fuck delivery, I'll brave the haze." I went to Albertson's and got chicken and mashed potatoes instead.

It looks, outside, almost like it's cloudy, until you look closer and realize it's much too diffuse to be clouds. There's no lines like you see in clouds. As to breathing, I had no trouble doing so. I took my asthma inhaler anyway just in case, but I didn't notice any difference in my breathing.

Anyway, I had a horrible day. What about you?

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Tongue twister

Whale tale for sale: Pale hale female quail email trail in braille nails Gail of Vale Dale for jail. Bail: shale pail of snail kale scales.

Edit: This tongue twister was the final result of a game we sometimes play in our collective. Like in this entry: http://fayanora.dreamwidth.org/1208612.html

And this one: http://fayanora.dreamwidth.org/1209218.html

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I remember a time when Amazon's "price: low to high" included relevance, so you actually got low prices on the thing you were actually looking for. Nowadays when you try it, it gives you a fuckton of stuff that's barely relevant at best, accessories and other nonsense, and there doesn't seem to be any way to filter out the nonsense.

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