June 17th, 2017


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Steph Death Glare

Still ill

Bah scumbug, I still have that cold. It's been hanging on like a parasite for over a week now, it's very annoying. I hope it goes away soon, it's driving me crazy and giving me flashbacks to my childhood. I served my time already, being that I was constantly sick in my youth, so much so that my body forgot how to breathe through its nose without me having to concentrate on doing it.

Seriously, it made itself known on the ninth, and though I've gotten better since the first few days where it was kicking my ass, it's like an uninvited guest severely overstaying its welcome by continuing to hang around and stuff up my head and make me cough occasionally. At least so far today the coughing appears to be down to around once every 10 or 15 minutes, or less-frequently.

My being sick all the time as a kid made it so that, with rare exception, I almost never get sick as an adult. I wonder if that means the things that DO manage to get me sick are especially powerful? That could explain the extra-long cold I'm having now.

Did some small hair sacrifices to Jiijiinis and Alorno, gods of Health and Healing, last night. Couldn't burn the sacrifices, because I couldn't find matches, so I had to make them be lost by throwing them away. I thought it had worked this morning, but no, I just keep consistently feeling better when I wake up and backsliding within 20 minutes. It's incredibly annoying.

Gonna find some matches and try again later.

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Steph Death Glare

Flash update

So Flash updated, and I overlooked one of those stupid "opt out" things for installing software other than the update, and it installed some McCaffee program, which I of course had to uninstall when I found out about it.

Honestly, it should be illegal to do that bullshit. Those extra programs should be opt IN, not out.

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