April 16th, 2017

Steph Chloe Cake

Chapter 29 of The Many Faces of Har---er, Adira Potter

Chapter 29 of The Many Faces of Har---er, Adira Potter is published!

Chapter Summary: The collective meets Dobby again, has occlumency lessons, and Chandra experiments with his magic.

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction dot net version

Big Closet version

Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3, FF.net, BC

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Easter or Groundhog Day?

I woke up today certain it was Monday, only to find out it's Sunday again. I say "again" because I clearly remember Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Granted, I was ill on Friday and Saturday, but not so badly I could lose track of time.

I remember going up to Brooke's place Friday, coming back after two hours because of being ill, sleeping an hour before eating, going back to bed another hour. Then, I remember spending all Saturday long at the computer suffering from a headache and feeling like shit. I went back to bed Saturday night - actually night for once - and was up Sunday morning (actually morning).

Sunday, I texted Jesse and Lily about meeting, and they said they were at a con, but never said anything to suggest it was actually Saturday. Wasted some time trying to decide where else to go, preferably somewhere open 24 hours, but everywhere I found either was a place I knew was too busy or wasn't sure they had Wi-Fi, or else the site said Easter was possibly screwing up their hours, and I remember checking the computer's calendar and it said it was Easter still (before midnight). I kept looking for an hour or so but then it got too late for anywhere other than this IHOP that's a mile's walk away, so I tried to write at home, ended up publishing the next Many Faces chapter instead and then running out of energy. Watched Star Versus the Forces of Evil until Monday at 7 am, went to bed, woke up at 3 pm to my phone telling me it's Sunday again.

It is possible I'm misremembering and lost track of time, but considering how detailed my memories are, I doubt that I did that. Clearly, accidental time travel is to blame.

I hope today only repeats this once, because I hate Sundays, and I hate Easter Sundays even more than usual Sundays.

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Steph Chloe Dartagnan


So a friend of mine pointed out that not many people know very many of the moons of the solar system, or more likely they recognize some of the names but don’t realize they’re moon names. Then she named a few she knew offhand. Which prompted this comment of mine:

Now I’m picturing an Animaniacs style song.

“Theeere’s Phobos and Deimos and Triton and Io and Ganymede Luna Charon,
Umbriel Ariel, Helike Aoede, Carme and Kore, and Sponde.
Leda Lysithea, Kalyke and Kale, Mneme and Metis Cyllene,
Carpo Callisto, Arche Ananke, Autonoe Iocaste, Thyone.
Amalthea Aitne, Adrastea Euporie, Callirrhoe Hermippe, Sinope;
Chaldene, Euanthe, Harpalyke Himalia, and Hegemone here in my ‘scope.
Elara and Isonone, Eukelade, Erinome, and Portia if you’ve any luck,
Kallichore Margaret, Oberon Juliet, Cupid Cordelia Puck.
Caliban sounds like Star Wars, so does Sycorax, and Setebus, Sao and Trinculo;
Bianca Larissa, Prospero Thalassa, Hydra and Nyx, Stephano.
Portia’s a car but also a moon; where Mab circles I cannot say,
Dysnomia Namaka oh god and oh drama we could be doing this the rest of the day

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