February 16th, 2017


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Many Faces chapter 25 now up

The Many Faces of Har---er, Adira Potter, chapter 25, is now up!

Fic blurb: Harry Potter is a wizard, which surprises him. But Harry Potter is also a Multiple, which surprises everyone. But that's not the end of the surprises. Note: Trans!Harry eventually. If this bothers you, then that's your perogative; I just don't want to hear about it. Respect my desire to not hear your transphobic opinion, or else be blocked.

Chapter 25: The Triwizard Tournament

Chapter blurb: The Triwizard Tournament arrives at Hogwarts. The night it starts, Al recognizes the Goblet of Fire from his vision and runs away, but he can't escape for long.

Archive Of Our Own version

FF.net version

BigCloset version

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