November 26th, 2016

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This is a bit late, but oh well.

I don't like most holidays. Thanksgiving, to me, has only been about free food for many years. Because a church a couple blocks away had a free Thanksgiving meal for the community for many years in a row. Then, suddenly, this year they didn't have it.

Oh well. Thanks to my roommate, we found alternatives. I was too tired to go to any of them on Thanksgiving day, but the night before there was one a short bus ride away at a black church. That was cool. One of the people serving food there recognized me from my volunteer work at a local school. She's one of the teachers there. I didn't recognize her, though, because of my partial face blindness.

While there, roomie struck up a conversation with an elderly couple. The man... I thought he was a bearded lady at first. Not judging that ill, in fact I thought it was cool. Still, I made no comment. Found out later he's a guy; the woman with him used he/him pronouns for him at least.

So my roommate and I had meals there, and I took one to go for Brooke. So Thanksgiving itself was devoid of free food for me, but oh well. I don't mind.

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