November 17th, 2016


Book review

My review of "We're Going On A Dinosaur Dig" by Anastasia Suen:

Disappointing book, all told. Too low a level for my kid, though I wasn't aware of that at the time. Not about a dinosaur dig at all, really, except that the kids had buckets and shovels and talked about going on a dinosaur dig. Spoiler alert: they find a live dinosaur and run from it. They make it home, but it catches up to them, visible in the window. And that's it. That's the end. Do they get eaten? Do they befriend it? Do they fight it off Home Alone style with cunning and inventiveness? Does it turn out to be the fever dream of a comatose autistic kid who suddenly wakes up from his or her existential nightmare with a wave of relief and yet apprehension at their lost years of childhood, and annoyance that people think only autistic kids are the ones having existential coma nightmares? No idea, because that's where the story ends: on a cliffhanger.

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