October 1st, 2016


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Gay and grey in PDX?

I have a friend who is a lesbian senior (60) with asperger's syndrome who doesn't think she can find love. She's very technologically deficient, can't use the Internet. So I'm trying to find places where she can meet lesbians around her age, in person, here in Portland Oregon. Which would be easier if she didn't also hate going to bars. I tried Meetup, Fetlife, even Google. There are dating sites, of course, but not a lot of what I'm really looking for. Meetup has Shades of Lavender, but that meets in a pub.

Anyway, so if you know of any places in Portland for gay seniors to meet, that meets somewhere other than a bar or pub, let me know, okay?

Edit: She doesn't want anyone younger than 43, and prefers people older than herself.

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