September 11th, 2016


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The only 9/11 post that matters

The only 9/11 post that matters:

Comment: Amen to that all, and what's more, 9/11 only happened because the US was already over there bombing their families for oil. Nobody who died deserved it, but honestly our leaders should have expected it. If we truly want justice for 9/11, we need to put in prison all the Republicans and Democrats who have ever bombed middle eastern countries for oil. We need to find and imprison too, the people who assassinated the rightful rulers of countries over there to replace them with someone more compliant. Afghanistan was a liberal democracy with well educated men and women before we interfered. Our country is responsible for them backsliding. Our country is the reason their women have fewer freedoms than they did. The US - supposedly the bastion of freedom - has made the world meaner, nastier, and less free because of our greed for oil. Our leaders are ultimately the ones responsible for 9/11, their greed is its ultimate cause. Al-queda and Daesh (Isis) are our leaders' fault.

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