July 31st, 2016



I've never really understood this whole "masculinity = fierce" thing. You know, the strong, fierce, scary warrior type? Because:

A. My masculine side, growing up and now, was always the meek and gentle side. (Even Alex, who has a strong masculine aura about him and a lot of anger and aggressiveness, is the way he is because he's gentle and sensitive at heart and everything wounds him, and he can only deal with it by vacillating between anger and apathy. Though he's improving. And Ian, the only other boy in the collective, is so shy and sensitive and fragile that he never comes out of hiding anymore.) It's my feminine side that's fierce, strong, and occasionally terrifying.

B. My main deity is a Goddess of Chaos, and at least two others in the system identify as avatars of Her. While She does have Her softer side, I am empowered by Her fierce, terrifying side. Djao'Kain, in Her fierce and terrifying side, could face any masculine warrior type and make him shit himself in terror, even before She started turning him inside out and showing him his own beating heart, with Her eyes like amber lanterns, Her many arms (with clawed fingers) wielding many weapons, the look in Her eye challenging people to try to hurt Her or the ones She loves, and Her Chaos Fire.

I get a thrill of power when I access one of Her even fiercer Aspects, like Shao'MaHK, covered in blood and grinning like a madwoman, fire roaring out of control behind Her.

Yeah, you can keep your masculinity, thanks.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is out as a script book! I just found out a minute ago and immediately went to OverDrive to see if I could check it out, and I can! I just have to wait for six people ahead of me to finish with it first. But that's better than paying $14.99 for the ebook version, or almost $30 for a print edition.

Rowling claims she's done with Harry Potter. Kinda sucks, as that's the only Rowling I care to read. Unless she starts a new fantasy series. All her other works are contemporary fiction, bla!

I think she should open the potterverse to other authors the way you see with Buffy, Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, and Doctor Who. You know, officially sanctioned fan fiction that's been properly edited and is canon.

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Hillary or Trump

On Facebook, there was this screenshot of a Tumblr page saying that only straight white dudes are saying Hillary is as bad Trump. So I responded thusly:

I'm bi and trans, and I too don't know who's worse, Hillary or Trump. I suppose Trump is worse, but Hillary isn't better by much. At best, she's more of the same quasi-fascism we've dealt with for the past few decades, ever since Bush stripped away a bunch of freedoms and Obama never brought them back. Beebe being so popular and then being cheated out of winning was, to me, like a trapped animal seeing a way out, then having it snatched away.

But yeah, Hillary is just as racist as Trump is, she just hides it a little better. And she's not really an LGBT ally, she's openly said before she's against same sex marriage. She's the consummate politician, willing to say anything to get elected, but will do nothing good once she's in office. She dies at least seem to know how to do things under the current rules. And Trump does not. He's an entertainer, and the last time we had an entertainer in the President's seat, it was one of the worst Presidents ever: Reagan.

##end of my reply##

Also, Alex is pan and gender queer, and he is always saying Hillary is little better than Trump, if not just as bad.

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