May 22nd, 2016


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Bad dream

Last night I had a dream(*) that I was at a Trump convention in a huge hotel, and he was parading this group of kids and adults on stage because they were "perfect American stock" and he was using them as an example of the kind of people who would be "chosen" when he became President. Anyone who didn't end up "chosen" would be "cleansed from the earth forever." I was backstage, trying to talk to the kids about Trump and how evil and vile he was (mainly because I didn't think there would be any point trying to convince the adults in the group) and I may have had some of them convinced, but then I got lost in the hotel and spent the rest of the dream trying to find my way out of the building. I had to wake up to get out of that dream.

(*) = I say dream because I don't often have nightmares. I do often have dreams that would be nightmares to other people, but I don't consider it a nightmare unless I get scared in the dream. I was concerned in this one, but not scared. I think part of me knew it was just a dream.

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