April 18th, 2016


Trimet idiocy

So apparently our local bus company, Trimet, is going to be spending 33 million dollars to create a card system to replace their current fare system. Once complete, their buses will no longer be able to take cash, forcing everyone to buy tickets or these stupid Trimet debit cards in order to use the bus. Seattle apparently offered their own system to Trimet for free, a system that takes both cards and cash, but Trimet is so keen on giving the majority of their riders the finger by making it impossible for them to ride the bus anymore that they would rather spend 33 million dollars on a system that will be obsolete in two years, just to try to save 2 million dollars they claim they're losing in fare evasion.

Here we have a company receiving public funds, that is already charging ridiculously high prices for fares and receiving over thirty million dollars in profit every year, and they're going to spend a year's profit to try to save 2 million a year... with a system that will make at least 75% of their current riders unable to pay for tickets. All because they hate the poor and the disabled.

You know, fuck them. I hope this new system of theirs, when it comes out, costs them 60 million dollars or more in lost revenue. I hope they have to backtrack on that or risk going bankrupt. And given the constant shitstorm they have been these last few years, given the constant targeting of the poor and the disabled they've been up to, I hope they go bankrupt anyway.

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