March 31st, 2016


Interesting dream

Had an interesting dream last night. Dreamed that the Russians were using a bunch of hyper-intelligent kids to crack top secret codes and ciphers. Well, I say Russians because the one dude was speaking with a Russian accent. I didn't hear the only other adult, a doctor lady, speak. Odd thing was, though, the kids both had American accents, of the ones that spoke.

The Russian man was in the doctor's clinic room with Anna while the doctor was giving her a checkup, there for moral support. I think Anna may have been autistic, because she never met anyone's eyes, but not in a prisoner sort of way. She seemed happy, and seemed to enjoy her work. In fact, she was bored with the easiness of the work and was asking for more challenging tasks. She was specifically working with another child, a boy, and saying "These are too easy. Give me a hard one." Which he obliged. Both Anna and the boy were around 10 or 11 or so.

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Steph book

"Monstrous Regiment"

Checked out "Monstrous Regiment" by Terry Pratchett, on audiobook, because I've decided to give the Discworld books another try. The first three or four in the series I didn't get much out of, because of the issues I sometimes have translating words into pictures in my head. (Works fine the other way around, though.) I had the same problem with the Harry Potter books, the descriptions were largely useless to me because they didn't help me picture anything; everyone was just a bunch of talking squiggles in vaguely different colors, wandering around a squiggly world, until the movies came out and gave me something to put in place of the squiggles. I don't know why I have this problem, and I don't know why it's a problem with some books but not others. It's weird.

Anyway, so "Monstrous Regiment" is a bit farther along in the series, but I decided to get it while I waited for the first four in the series, because according to one website, the Discworld series is more like several series that take place in the same universe, with a few standalone books. Well, "Monstrous Regiment" is one of those standalone books.

Also, I don't know if it's something about the way this book is written or if it's because it's an audiobook, but this book has been VERY easy to picture characters and places in my head; for some reason, the normally faulty translation circuits are working right for this book. Wish I knew why. (Might be the voices? The guy reading it is VERY good with voices.)

Anyway, very hilarious book so far (I'm about halfway through). It has women pretending to be men, it has non-human characters, it has a lesbian couple, and it has political satire, all fun stuff! Looking forward to reading more.

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