January 29th, 2016

Hermione not amused


So now they sound like they're dismantling Shane's entire apartment, using hand tools mostly. And these ceilings and walls are very thin, so we can hear everything. I'm starting to wonder if Shane's undead corpse got up and smeared rot into every nook and cranny it could find before it was discovered. The noise is ridiculous, and keeping us awake. Our landlord, the Umbridge wannabe, didn't even warn us. She KNOWS we sleep in the daytime, but did she warn us? No, of course not. Because she doesn't like us.

At least I'm better off, because my wonky sleep schedule had me going to bed around midnight last night, so I got at least 6 hours of sleep before they started making all the noise in the world. But for the same reasons, I needed more sleep than I got.

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Technology changing my thinking

I've only had this Kindle tablet a few months, and already I'm starting to notice changes to my thinking resulting from it. Specifically, I just spent a half hour or more figuring out my grocery list for February by navigating my memory of the Winco grocery store like I was viewing the memory on a tablet, like on Sims Freeplay, swishing with fingers to move along the aisles, using a specific two-fingered gesture to turn either right or left (or spin all the way around), and pinching in or out to zoom. The memory was moving around exactly like the Sims game does, the one fingered swish taking me a certain distance that was dependent on how hard I did it, sometimes even overshooting past my intended goal.

I'm glad I could do it that way, in fact, as I tried my standard approach at first (walking through the store on foot on my mind), and it wasn't working well enough. I just thought it was an interesting thing to make note of, how my brain - faced with the insufficiency of one method, adopts the method of a familiar piece of technology to compensate. One tool hits the wall of its limitations, another tool is adopted.

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