January 27th, 2016

Hermione not amused

Yeesh, one of THOSE

On the FB page of a group planning an Imbolc ritual that I was interested in going to recently posted a status that was talking about a Celtic Goddess named Cailleach. The way this woman talks about this Goddess makes it clear that she's only just read about Her, and is going to invoke Her in ritual without so much as knowing how to pronounce Her name. Which led me to post this comment:

Let me get this straight; you're going to invoke a Goddess whose name you can't even pronounce? Without formally introducing yourself to Her/getting Her permission to call Her?

Deities are powerful entities, individuals deserving of respect, not correspondences you refer to in ritual. Have you heard the expression "Do not summon that which you cannot banish"? Well along similar lines, I would say "Do not summon that which you do not respect; you might just live to regret it."

And now I'm not so sure going would be a good idea.

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They should just cut that apartment off the building and burn it.

Some time back, our upstairs neighbor - a violent narcissistic misogynist who was on meth and had a penchant for yelling at voices nobody else could hear - died. It's rumored he killed himself, but all we really know is that the firefighter-EMTs came in on like, Friday, broke his door down for the umpteenth time in forever, and he refused to go to the hospital with them, then died at some point over the weekend, discovered on Monday. The fact he refused to go with them was news to me later, as my roommate and I both assumed he'd gone with them like always. Whether he killed himself or died of something else, we don't know.

Even being dead, he's being disruptive. The manager, a woman who reminds me strongly of Dolores Umbridge, found his corpse when another neighbor complained about the smell. She did not take this well, tried blaming my roommate for not telling her sooner (we didn't know he was still in there, and the smell didn't get noticeable til Sunday or Monday) and threatened to evict her over it in a fit of pique. Then, despite the fact that the people who retrieved his body had some kind of biohazard body bag for him, it wasn't a very good one or something; they tracked dead Shane through the corridors. Not a lot, but enough to add to the smell.

And now, the real kicker. Last time someone died in the building, they brought in professional crime scene cleaners in a fancy truck, and they made the whole place smell like chemicals. This time, the Umbridge-wannabe manager is cutting massive corners by hiring what looks like a moving van and movers to haul corpse-slimed wood, carpets, and other debris out in their truck. Without gloves. And they've been tossing shit out the window willy-nilly, and tracking even more liquified remains through the corridors. I never knew what people meant by "sickly sweet odor" until yesterday, when I got a disgusting noseful of the stench. What's more, my poor roomie has a nose to make a bloodhound jealous, and I can barely smell anything most of the time; if I think the stench is too much (and I do), it must be stomach-churning for her.

I'm not even sure these guys have been informed of what's causing the stink they've been hired to remove, to be honest. I think if they knew, they'd be wearing gloves at least, and face masks.

We've tried contacting the EPA, but with the blizzard, they're closed. And the cops around here have proven time and again that they don't give a single solitary fuck about anything said by poor people, so calling them would be pointless. And everyone else we've called has told us to call someone else. So all we can really do, AFAIK, is wait for the DC blizzard to be over and report them then. But by then it'll be over. In the meantime, we just have to hope he didn't die of anything contagious, and that the stench from his corpse doesn't make anyone actually ill.

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