January 17th, 2016

Steph book

Interesting discovery

I just discovered, by accident, that getting an ebook from OverDrive in ePub format is ridiculously easy: it loads the book right in the first OverDrive screen. No extra logging in, no 30 minutes of scouring the help page trying to figure out what to do, just sign in once, check out the book as an epub, and go back to the original OverDrive screen to read it.

What's more, the OverDrive reader has features I REALLY wish the Kindle reader had. (And vice versa.) It has more fonts available, including OpenDyslexic, more font sizes, you can set the volume keys to be page forward/backward keys, customizable screen timeout, page animation, you can specify the orientation as something different than the device default, it has more color scheme options (though I still went with white text on black background), and you can change the margins and line spacing.

However, its bookmarks don't seem to be as useful as the Kindle reader's are, there's no text-to-speech, and I haven't yet determined if it has the ability to lookup unknown words, like Kindle's reader does.

Oh, and annoyingly, "The Long Mars" came in while I was still in the middle of "Chimera." Oh well, I have 2 weeks left on "Chimera," and 21 days to read "The Long Mars." And 1. I've gotten 55% through "Chimera" in a week, and 2. I know from experience that it will probably only take me 2 to 4 days to read "The Long Mars."

I just hope "The Long Utopia" waits until after I finish these other two, before coming in. (I didn't expect "Chimera" to come in as soon as it did, which is part of the problem.)

Anyway, "The Long Mars" being in a different reader means I could theoretically do like I used to do in my teenage years and read two books at essentially the same time, switching between the two. The stories are different enough I doubt I'd have problems keeping them distinct in my memories.

(PS, when Semagic came up, this icon was the one it picked at random. Very fitting!)

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