January 12th, 2016

Steph Death Glare


The other day I had a doctor’s appointment, with a new doctor, a young woman in her 20’s or 30’s, I’d guess. (They keep changing my doctor like every 6 months or so, it’s annoying.) I won’t go into the appointment itself, which I feel was pointless (they called me in and wanted to do a follow up on my depression, and it’s like, if anything had changed I would have told them but anyway).

What I want to go into instead is that toward the end, I got so curious about this necklace she was wearing, as it was nifty and looked somewhat pagany. I was hoping she was a fellow pagan, but her response about it was weird. She said it was the symbol of a goddess named Kala, she didn’t know which religion. I asked her if she meant Kali, and she said, “No, I know about Kali. No, this was Kala.” But yeah, wearing the symbol of a goddess you don’t know, that you don’t even know what religion they’re from? I changed my estimation of her from “potential pagan” to “either a white hipster or a New Agey hipster” and then dropped the subject.

I tried searching Kala on Google, and it’s an overabundance of useless results. I can’t even narrow it down enough to be helpful, and I can’t really remember what the symbol looked like. Does this name ring a bell with anyone?

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