November 9th, 2015



Took my roommate to this place with dollar sushi today because yesterday was her birthday and the place wasn't open yesterday. Now, this was her idea, as I've only had sushi once in my whole life, and that was a free sample. I liked it, but that was years ago and I haven't had any since then, until tonight.

The sushi at Sushi Sushi is a dollar per plate, and they have dozens of little plates going around on a conveyor belt. Tea was a dollar as well. I ended up spending $11 on my own meal, before tip. I really liked the crab rolls and the salmon. The tuna was good too. Oh, and there was eel, I liked that. She shared some tempura veggies with me as well. And there was some kind of fried meat, chicken I think.

I will definitely go again sometime, I was full by the time they put the octopus out, so I didn't get to try that.

It's a good thing my roomy had a good idea where we were to get off at, because while I did write down the stop we needed, the Kindle autocorrected to something weird without my noticing it til way too late.

Anyway, next time I go I'm gonna take the 10; I can't stand the 72, it's almost always too crowded.

Something else that place got me hooked on is pickled ginger; I'm gonna look for it in the store sometime. Strangely, despite the name, pickled ginger does not taste anything like pickles. I suspect it's a misnomer.

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