November 6th, 2015


I asked for a small, not a Big Gulp.

I asked for a small. They charged me for a small but gave me a large. Wouldn't mind, except this is way too big. Today's larges are so big, in my childhood they would have been consider 2XL. I don't really even like pop (especially fountain pop, it tastes weird; sweeter than normal pop, for one thing), and rarely ever get it, but I forgot to ask for an iced tea (proper, black, unsweetened iced tea, thank you very much). The size they gave me was so big, I only filled it half way and even then I didn't drink all of it. (I drank as much as I could.) If I hadn't been so flabbergasted, I would have insisted on a small. (Which, these days, are what a large used to be.) I'm going to have to make a note to order the kid's size drink in future.

Picture of the cup under the cut.

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