September 1st, 2015


Gosgolot/Yahgahn cross-pollination and a funny mental image

My brain gave me a funny image just now, an image I will have to pre-explain a bit before I reveal it.

If you're new, or you just forgot, or you never knew the full gravity of it, one of the major religions of Traipah is a religion called Gosgolot (all the o's in it say their names, IE gohs-goh-loht). Gosgolot's teachings state that the universe is unimaginably old, unimaginably enormous, and unimaginably terrifying. They do not name their Gods, out of fear that saying the names would attract their attention, and one does not generally want the attention of Gosgolot deities. (One exception is Zyao'Ḥyn (zyow-[throat-clearing][I as in "eye"]n), their version of Shao'Kehn, but that's another story.) The most notable of these Nameless Gods is their sun, which non-Gosgolots call Naipah. (This is acceptable to Gosgolots because Naipah is not actually the star's name, according to their ancient texts.) They refer to the sun by a myriad of euphemistic titles like The Howling One, The Widowmaker, Howler Into The Void, Water's Demise, etc.

Gosgolot, interestingly, predates any kind of science that would have given them the idea of a vast, cold, merciless universe. When science confirmed the size of the universe prior to The Reformation, the one group that took the news the best was the Gosgolots, who felt vindicated. Gosgolot is basically a religion in which ideas the likes of which you'd see in Lovecraft's works are taken seriously; very seriously. Their scripture reads like horror stories, though interestingly on a larger scale, the universe - vast and old as it is - is just one of countless infinities of universes, all of which are living beings that are born, grow old, breed, and die; making everything that happens in our universe just the inner workings of a lifeform that - in its own time scale - exists for but a blink of an eye in the lifespan of the greater multiverse, a Megaverse as large and terrifying to our universe as our universe is to us, and then the proverbial "turtles" all the way both up AND down.

So the funny image my brain gave me was a meeting between a Gosgolot and a Christian Creationist. The Gosgolot would find the Creationist's earth-centric view laughable naive, the idea that the planet was only 5 or 6 thousand years old would probably cause them to die from busting a gut laughing, and if they survived that, they'd think the idea of a god as powerful as Yahweh being benevolent was fucking insanity! Especially after reading the Bible. After reading the Bible, doubtless they would have another God to be terrified of.

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