August 20th, 2015


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It's my magic

Something interesting to note, about me: For some reason, there are things in my store of food that never seem to go bad, even when they should. Tortillas, as long as they're kept in their plastic containers, can sit in my apartment for months and months yet still be good. (I don't mean "never opened" and still good, I mean "opened, tortillas removed every now and then.")

And just today I used the last of this lemon juice in one of those lemon-shaped containers, and because I knew I'd had it for at least a year, I was curious how long I'd had it, since it was still good. Still tasted the same as when I bought it, hadn't spoiled or gone stale. So I looked up the Best By date. It supposedly expired in 2013! Yet being in my fridge, kept in its sealed plastic container, even despite being used every now and then, it was still good. Even though, according to my roommate, it should have rotted horrifically a long time ago.

Whatever this magic power is that does these things, I just wish it would extend to things like produce.

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