July 29th, 2015


Dream one of two

Had a dream last night where this woman was hitting her transgender little girl, no older than 5. I stepped in and protected the crying child, grabbing the woman's arm. She began to cry, and it came to light that she thought being transgender was a choice, that she had to hit the girl to change her mind before it was “too late.” So I told her the truth: it's not a choice. That it was a feeling, from deep within your very soul, that the identity you'd been assigned was wrong, that she'd fought with those feelings for years, unable to understand them or articulate them until recently, and even now didn't have the words to articulate her feelings as clearly as I was articulating them now. I sensed the girl stop crying and nod, agreeing with my words.

And I thought that was just so powerful and true, I had to share it.

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Dream two of two

The second dream I had last night was beautiful and haunting, and I wrote a poem about it:

“If Only”
By = Tempest Alexandria Arts

Last night, as I lay sleeping,
A dream came over me.
I, a man, dead,
From Heaven watched my wife,
As she lay dying.
Nothing I could do to help.

In one last feat of strength,
She stood, walked out into a massive field of grass,
In the dark of night, just the faintest glow from the moon,
As a simple yet haunting violin tune played,
She went for one last midnight stroll.
Across the vast and grassy ocean,
Up a hill grown steeper and steeper,
Climbing with unusual strength,
Grabbing roots and stones and weeds to pull herself up,
And came at last to a red wooden fence.

She climbed the fence, and looked beyond.
Her eyes fell upon the mansion on the hilltop,
Wonder in her eyes. Longing. Pain.
As though she'd seen Heaven itself.
Her goal achieved at last, she clutched her heart with grass-stained hands,
And fell backwards into the grass, to her death.

And as the mournful violin played,
Her eyes up towards the sky,
It felt like none of this would have happened,
Like both of us would be alive and well,
If the last house she saw had been ours.


I even remember the tune that the violin was playing, and recorded it on my phone.

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Lyria speaks

I was thinking about Voldemort earlier today, and about his ethics or lack thereof, because this one fanfic I'm reading has a version of him that is far more ethical than the canon one, and at one point I got to wondering what my character Lyria Spellspinner thought of Voldemort, and she popped up and answered me. This is her answer (I am giving her the reigns to type it now):

Voldemort is a fool. While I don't approve of killing children, and thus find it amusing that his attempt to kill an infant turned him into a powerless wraith, he made a fatal mistake in the fourth book, one which I believe might have been out of character for him, given other things we know about him. His mistake was letting Harry have his wand. Why did he not simply kill Harry while Harry was still tied up? Yes, he was supposedly repairing his reputation among his inner circle, but frankly, that was unnecessary. Someone whose name still inspires fear 13 years after his downfall and disappearance does not need to bolster his reputation.

Voldemort strikes me, in all the rest of the series, as being someone who does not hesitate to blast obstacles out of his way. He already knew he could not convert Harry, so why did he not kill Harry when the boy was helpless? Voldemort is arrogant to such a degree that he is unlikely to have been cautious with Harry before the wands connected during that scene.

It would be interesting to read a fan fiction AU where Voldemort did not hesitate to kill the prone Harry. Or hesitated just long enough to show his Death Eaters the act in person. Obviously, it would have caused him to pass out when he killed the horcrux inside Harry, but what beyond that? I suppose Dumbledore's plans might change, once he realized Harry was no longer a horcrux; Harry would no longer need to die, because it would have happened already. He would no longer have the connection into Voldemort's mind. Voldemort would still be wary of Harry, would still be obsessed. It would be interesting, to say the least.

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