July 24th, 2015

Steph Oh You

Nine heads are better than one

One of the cool things about being a multiple is that you always have the benefit of that old "two heads are better than one" thing. Case in point:

Problem: People smoking at bus stops

Problem behind the problem: Alex can't past The Filter to tell them off, or they don't listen.

Solution proposer: Molly Elizabeth (7, blonde)

Proposed solution: Take out this noise-maker tube we got at OMSI years ago, keep playing with it nonstop, driving the smoker people crazy. When they yell to stop that, calmly say "If you put out your cigarette, I will stop making this noise." If need be, clarify "If you keep smoking around me, I will keep making the noise."

We have yet to test the idea, but it sounds pretty cool. Only potential problem we know of is it's a known addictive stim, we might not be able to stop.

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