July 9th, 2015


A couple new terms.

I was trying to think of non-judgmental terms to describe a couple of feelings I have as a person with chronic depression, feelings that were attributed to laziness growing up because my Mom - despite having chronic depression herself even then - apparently was not aware that kids can have chronic depression, too.

Anyway, so here are the terms I came up with:

Critical power conservation: When you know your energy level is shot, or will be shot if you do a task, resulting in exhaustion, and therefore you choose to not do the thing, no matter how much you may need to. (Alternatively, "low battery alert.")

Non-critical power conservation: There's a chance doing the thing may cause exhaustion, but not a huge chance. And yet you choose to not do the thing anyway, not wanting to take the risk for whatever reason. (Alternatively, "battery at 45%" or "strategic resource allocation.")

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Elle Fanning

Some Traipahni terms.

Sahnailah [sawn ail ah] = A word for "beautiful" that only applies to people with lots of fat. The word is said with reverence bordering on worship, as it usually applies to deities like Duenicohn or Morshenda, but can apply to mortals as well.

Ziishraal [zeesh rahl] = Abnormally thin, gaunt and starved in appearance.

Ziishraalailah [zeesh rahl ail ah] = Zishraal, but possessing terrible beauty. (Terrible in the "intimidating/scary" sense.) Unlikely to be applicable to mortals.

Vah'zyahl-maak [vah zyahl mock] = The state of having multiple minds in a single body. From "vahzii" meaning "many" and "ahl" meaning "one."

Vah'zyahl-bahn [vah zyahl bon] = An individual body possessing multiple minds.

Urah'HKah [u: rɒ xɒ] = The dominant sex for Ah'Koi Bahnis, which is "true hermaphrodite" in English.

Drexyah [dreks yah] = The state of having incomplete, unusually-formed, and/or missing reproductive tissues; similar to "intersex" in English, except that AKB, as true hermaphrodites, would be drexyah for other reasons, for example someone born without a grah'bihn (equivalent to a penis). [One of my stories contains a passing reference to one such person, who is the romantic partner of one of the foreground characters.] It is generally considered mildly unfortunate, but if it isn't posing a threat to the person's health, then any cosmetic surgery is left to them to decide for themselves later in life, as it is considered a grievous crime to violate the bodily autonomy of anyone for any reason other than saving their life. (And even then as well, if they gave clear instructions to the contrary.)


It is also a grievous crime to deny somebody necessary medical attention for any reason other than their own wishes, or to unduly punish them for needing those services by - for example - charging absurdly high prices for it (they would take one look at the USA's "health care" system and declare us all unrepentant savages). Traipahni people are big on bodily autonomy - it's your body, as such it is sacred, someone defying your will about your body is sacrilege. But you can |do what you want to/have done what you want to| with your own body and it's nobody's business but yours.

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Elle looks up

New mouse

OMG y'all, I bought this new mouse recently, so I could use my old mouse with the new Lenovo netbook, and this mouse, gods, this mouse, fucking hell this mouse is fucking awesome! It has a forward button and a back button, like my old one does, but it also has the coolest fucking scroll wheel: it not only scrolls up and down, but SIDE TO SIDE as well! And there's a button to toggle between two scroll modes. In one mode, you spin the scroll wheel and it just keeps going until entropy stops it, and in the other mode it goes a little ways and then stops. Like, holy SHIT!

My only issue with it is, the laser is fucking invisible, so there's no way to tell if it's working except to move the mouse and see the cursor move. And since every time I plug it in it takes almost a whole minute to respond, when I first used it I thought it was broken. Oh yeah, and in the free-rolling mode, lifting the mouse and, like, turning it (especially upside down) makes the scroll wheel move.

But aside from that, fucking AWESOME mouse. It’s a Logitech corded mouse (M500).

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