June 14th, 2015

Hermione not amused

Writer stupidity

I've been watching this TV show called iZombie, wherein there is a zombie outbreak in Seattle, only these zombies are intelligent and keep their original human personality (more or less) as long as they eat brains. No brains, and they eventually become shambling monsters like the stereotypes of zombies. The main character, Liv Moore (yes, horrible pun), was a doctor before being scratched and Turned, now she's a medical examiner to get a steady supply of already-dead brains.

Now, in the latest episode a bomb went off, and her little brother got caught in the blast. And here's where the writers majorly fuck up. They wanted her to have to be asked to donate blood for her brother, so she would have to refuse so she doesn't turn him into a zombie, but really... there's no way to do that without pulling a Writer Fuckup in the bronze category at least, but these writers went for the gold. The brother's blood type? O negative. Yeah, universal donor needs a blood donation... gee, what ever will they do? Oh hey, how about giving him some fucking O negative blood? Which you should have copious amounts of? I mean really, O negative can be used on anyone, so even if he had some super-rare blood type like Z positive or something, you could still give him O negative. And hey, he IS O negative already, so that just means that these writers, in the sport of Writer Fuckup, have won the GOLD EFFING MEDAL!!! ("And the crowd goes wild!")

Seriously, how do you get past middle school and still make a fuckup like that?

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