February 22nd, 2015

Hermione not amused


I posted this on Tumblr, but I think it bears repeating here:

Schools don’t teach things as tools to do other things anymore. Poetry is taught as just another boring part of English class, rather than as half of a song. Most people never realize that songs are poems set to music, because nobody ever pointed this out to them. Which is a shame, because that’s how poetry SHOULD be taught: as a part of English class that connects to music.

The problem is that subjects are monolithic in the American “education” system. They are separate, and never the twain shall meet. English should bleed into music and art and history, English should bleed into music and art and history, math into home ec and science and music, history into everthing including daily life, and science into everything as well.

Oh yeah, and music and art are increasingly getting the shaft. Two of the most important subjects in the curriculum, and they’re being phased out.
Even math is taught as a monolithic fact; X + Y = Z because I said so, that’s why. And you can only do things one way and one way only; you did something different and got the same result, consistently? You’re PUNISHED! And the “problems” to solve in math are ridiculous, pointless, have no bearing on reality (when is anyone ever going to need to know when two trains going different speeds are going to collide with one another? Who the hell trades apples for oranges and needs to sit down and do the math to figure it out, when you can just count as you’re trading them? Where are the problems like “Jenny earns $9.25 an hour at her job. If her rent is $700, her power bill is $50, her food budget is $200, and her phone bill is $40, how many hours will she have to work this month to have enough money to cover these expenses?”?), and are boring. Learning needs to be fun, for it to actually be learning, otherwise it’s just monotony that goes in one ear and out the other. If you’re going to do the stupid trains problem, at least phrase it like “how much time does Batman have to rescue the people before the trains collide?”

Everything interrelates to everything else, but the way schools teach subjects, the subjects never have anything to do with one another. Nor do they appear to have anything to do with the real world. Who the hell, other than a scientist or a mathematician, is ever going to need algebra or calculus? It is ABSURD that shit like that is taught in school, when most high school graduates don’t even know how to balance a checkbook.

And the propaganda they teach as “history” in school is never shown by teachers to relate to our current world. If it were, they’d be teaching how the civil rights movement of the 60’s relates to the current Ferguson issue and all that’s come from it. Or how “company stores” relate to the current shady practices of corporations like Wal-Mart trying to pay their employees with debit cards that only work at Wal-Mart. Or how our nation is becoming a fascist plutocracy. Or how the history of the Nazi rise to power relates to similar things that are happening in Europe again right now. But no, in the US history is propaganda made to make the US look good, and history is taught as its own thing that does not relate to anything else.

It isn’t education at all. It’s brainwashing.

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Things schools don't teach

* Poetry is writing turned into art.
* Lyrical songs are poetry set to music.
* Music is one form of applied mathematics.
* Music is a permanent part of the human soul, and as such, mathematics is also a permanent part of the human soul.
* Art (including music) is the science of expressing the human soul, and interconnects with all the other subjects; it is the core subject that connects them all together.
* Writing is the art of passing your thoughts and words and ideas into the future; it is the magic of giving immortality to your ideas.
* Science is the art of learning how the natural world works.
* Technology is the art of applying science to change the world.
* Sociology is the art of trying to understand how the human world works.
* Psychology is the art of trying to understand how the human mind works, and how to repair it.
* Medicine is the art of trying to understand how the human body works, and how to repair it.
* Psychiatry is the art of applying the art of medicine to psychology.
* Mathematics is the art of using numbers to bring order to the world, whether it’s the simple order of daily money managing, or applied to philosophy and science.
* History is the art of applying transmissions from the past to our present and future, to avoid re-making the mistakes of the past.
* Home economics is the art of knowing how to be an independent adult.
* Shop class is the art of building things.
* PE is the art of honing the human body.
* Agriculture is the art of applying science and technology to food production.

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