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Don't use Comcast mobile!

I knew, I KNEW the fucking moment they said they require automatic payments, that this was going to bite me in the ass. But that silver-tongued devil in the sales department swore up and down that the charge would only go through if there was enough money in the account to cover it, and like a fool I believed that asshole.

So now I'm 40-something in the hole, can't dispute the charge until Wednesday. Called Comcast to try to get them to reverse it on their end, and the company policy forbids it, or the software won't allow it, or some shit like that. I tried asking again if I could change the billing date, and apparently the only way to do that would be to completely cancel the service, and start up again later in the month because the billing date starts 20 days after activation and there's no way to change that short of the nuclear option.

Oh and it gets better: I can't return the phone. It can only be returned in the first two weeks, and they conveniently didn't charge me for June. I thought that was weird at the time, but didn't realize it was nefarious. Yeah, why bill me and reveal they've anally raped me without any lube during the window for returning the phone? Jeeez-us motherfucking keyryst.

So, on Wednesday I'm gonna reverse the charge. There's an option to put them on a ban list so they can't charge me anymore, but... I can't return the phone, and I still owe over $100 on it. (It was a cheap phone.)

Ugh. I know I told him I wasn't going to give Comcast money anymore, but that fucking $100+ charge for the phone I can't return plus the sheer... basically, they've inconvenienced me into finding a solution that benefits them, because it's too much fucking hassle to quit them until the phone is paid for.

Oh but the INSTANT that phone is paid for, I am fucking porting my number back over to Verizon. They may be more expensive, but it'll be worth it to give Comcast the finger. May look for another source of Internet, too.

The one good thing is that I completely lost my shit on the guy but then managed for force myself to calm down. Apologized to the guy himself while still calling Comcast a bunch of fucking greedy ass monkeys. This all is good because I'm pretty certain they're gonna be playing that call all through the various rungs of the corporate ladder, which hopefully will make somebody go "Hey maybe we shouldn't piss off our customers? That person sounds pissed off enough to actually go through with leaving us."

And don't get me wrong, even though I'm probably going to see if I can do something like switching the card number they have on file to a prepaid debit card so they can't fuck up my bank account in the future, and so they're still making money off me, I assure you that once that phone is paid off, they are going to lose ALL of my business. They're making over $100 a month off me between the Internet and the data plan for the phone (voice/text is "free" if you have Internet with them), so when I'm finally free of the debt for that phone, I'm gonna leave them.

IDEA! I'll see if I can make extra payments on the principle of the phone's cost. If I can pay them $30 to $40 extra a month for the phone itself, they'll lose more money from me in the long run by losing that data plan charge sooner. Yes, I like it. I have $88 a month to play around with ever since getting rid of that storage unit. Let's see, the phone itself is like $5 of each monthly charge, $100 divided by 5 is 20, and 51.50 times 20 is $1,030. Whereas if I can pay off the phone in two months, they only make a total of about $200, so they lose out on at least another $850! MWAH HA HA HA! My revenge is PLANNED!

Comcast management: MAY YOU ALL STEP ON LEGOS IN HELL.

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