December 21st, 2014

Steph Pensive

Strange question

I have a strange question that I feel I should preface a little. I am trans, but non-binary, even though I'm more toward the feminine side of the spectrum. I feel like there aren't any options of genitalia that I would be really satisfied with, and I'm basically fine with my current breast size. Female hormones are not going to change my voice or get rid of my existing body hair (which thankfully is pretty light and easy to manage), so I don't really see the point of hormones. I feel like they would just mess up the functionality of my genitals, which I'm not interested in risking. (I have had enough problems already in my life with loss of sex drive from depression.)

So the weird question is this: do I need to be on hormones to get my gender changed legally in the state of Oregon? Because if I can get my gender marker changed without being on hormones or having had SRS or any of that, that would be great. Because no matter what my body was like, I doubt I would ever be satisfied, so I'd prefer to just stick to what I know.

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