December 12th, 2014


Shattering stereotypes

For years I've known that if I want to make the body a little stronger, I can shift into Alex or Pi, because they're stronger than the rest of us.* And for pretty much that whole time I thought it was their masculinity. (Can you say "internalized misogyny"?) But then Alex began identifying as non-binary/gender fluid, and Pi began to identify as agender. And of the two, Pi's gender identity is stronger, because Alex still uses he/him/his pronouns, and is mostly masculine in his own way. Personally, I would identify Pi as gender fluid too, but that's up to xer. I say that, though, because Pi has a more masculine form, a more androgynous form, and a more feminine form. Xe enjoys switching among them sometimes just to hear the difference in xer own voice.

Anyway, the other day we had need of a bit more physical strength. Alex wasn't enough, so we tried Pi. For whatever reason, xe shifted to xer feminine form, and holy HECK the strength difference was VERY noticeable. Xe shifted to the masculine form and tried again. The result was a significant loss of strength. Which was surprising to all of us, even Pi. We didn't test the more androgynous form, but I suspect that one's strength would be somewhere in the middle.

Actually, come to think of it, I don't think we've ever tested Shao-Kehn's strength. We don't get much of a chance to, though; She almost never takes control of the body. She seems to be so insulated from being able to do that, that it takes ritual singing and dancing to get it to happen.

So yeah, I don't have an explanation for why Alex is stronger than most of the others, but Pi's is probably due to xer more bestial nature. *Ponders* Though Alex's strength may be due to the fact that he's got such a forceful personality, seeing as he's one of only two of us who can reliably force his way past The Filter. (The other one being Pi.)

By the way, another oddity: in the masculine and androgynous forms of Pi, the skin of their default internal appearance is grass green. With the feminine form, xer skin changes color to a very light blue, which is a little lighter than baby blue. Like in this avatar xe made of xerself (one of many.)

* = It's not the only physical difference induced by shifting. Pi has a more sensitive nose than any of the rest of us, too. To the point that if xe is even partially in the front and smells something like Baby's Breath flowers or the coffee aisle of the grocery store or bus fumes, xe is forced fully to the front by the resulting disgust reaction.

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