December 1st, 2014


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My sleep schedule has been very weird lately. Recently I was getting more sleep than usual, going to bed at hours odd for me. And now I've gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep since 4 AM. IE, I fell asleep at 4 AM, woke up around 8, couldn't get back to sleep. Was up a bit, then tried again later, no go. So I stayed up that time and went to Winco to do grocery shopping.

Around 3:30 PM got home, very tired, tried to sleep again. For a while, our upstairs neighbor was being noisy again as usual. But then he quieted down and I actually got relaxed enough to where I was almost asleep... only to be startled awake by my roommate laughing like a fucking hyena in the other room. I tried going back to sleep, but she kept laughing ever minute or so, until I finally had enough and opened the door to tell her to shut up.

So I tried again, only this time I couldn't relax. My stomach was in a nervous knot I couldn't untie, for some reason. Not sure how long I tried before giving up that time. I need sleep and the universe is not letting me have any. Fuck my life.

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