October 27th, 2014


Corporate child neglect

Something occurred to me today. So, to start with, our society considers child abuse and neglect to be some of the most heinous of crimes, even more so than murder. I'm going to set aside the ridiculousness of making the snuffing out of a unique human being to be a lesser crime than a whole slew of other things for now, and focus on something else: that there is rampant child neglect that is known to be happening but nobody is doing anything about it.

Let me here tell you what sparked this realization in me. I read a newspaper headline saying something to the effect of "New school lunch program to feed even those who can't pay." My reaction was "Well I should hope so! To refuse lunch to a child because they or their parents don't have the money to pay is basically child neglect, which is the worst form of child abuse there is." Once I consciously made that connection, others quickly fell in place.

The first was that, yes; I have always believed that letting anyone go without food or shelter or any of the basic necessities of life is a form of abuse. I just hadn't been able to put it into those words before.

Secondly was the next obvious thing: if we work from that point of view, then the upper management of places like Wal-Mart are all guilty of child neglect. By not paying their employees a living wage, they are keeping food away from children, and possibly shelter as well. We have some really fucked up priorities in this country. The government will actively take children away from loving families just because they can't afford to feed their kids. How about instead of doing that, we charge the upper management (including CEOs) of corporations like Wal-Mart with child neglect? If corporations want to be people, then they can reap ALL the rewards of being people, including its management (the brain, if you will, of the corporation) doing prison time for 1000's of counts of child neglect if they refuse to pay their employees a living wage.

Of course, we'd have to add a few more provisions to the laws:
1. Add "families with children" to the anti-discrimination laws.
2. If any corporation's management move to another country where they can't be prosecuted, then the law should let the government say "Okay, fine. In that case, you will be considered a foreign company, and you can make up the difference in extremely high tariffs. We'll use the money from those tariffs to fund Food Stamps and other welfare programs." Basically, force them to choose between paying a living wage or paying the equivalent in tariffs.

And why stop there? How about all those corporations that ignore safety problems until someone dies or is severely wounded? Let's see... charge anyone who knew about the issues AND was in a position to do something about it, with negligent homicide. And if the corporation has a policy of "don't tell us about safety issues," whether official or unofficial, charge all the upper management with negligent homicide, too. (Or reckless endangerment, or whatever else applies.)

Oh yes, and everyone in GM who knew about the faulty cars killing people, and did nothing about it, they should all be charged with negligent homicide as well.

I think these changes would be far more effective, because we live in a world now where corporations can shrug off the ridiculously small fines for their crimes. I mean hell, if we're going to continue with using fines for these crimes, the government should at least make it a figure the company will actually miss. Like 25% of their annual profits for each conviction. Let's see the corporations shrug THAT off.

Oh yeah, and any attempts by the company to hide or obscure who the guilty parties were, would be dealt with by treating all the upper management as the criminals in that case. So they'd have to rat out the individuals who knew what was going on, to save their own hides.

And let's see, what else?
Pollution: Treated as attempted mass murder, maybe? Yes, that sounds right.
Killing bees: Envirocide, conviction brings in 50% of the last two year's annual profits, all the fine money going to projects to help save the bees.
Oh yes, and Monsanto's genetically engineered frankencorn and other frankenveggies interbreeding with the normal corn of other farmers, that should be considered pollution, because it IS pollution.

So yeah, I really think we need to change the way we punish corporations for their crimes. If they were forced to choose between paying their employees a living wage, or being tarriffed for the difference, and their upper management going to prison for child neglect, if they were to face REAL, significant consequences for their crimes, then maybe they might change for the better. And if a few corporations go under because they can't recover from the consequences of their crimes, then so be it. Hand of the free market, and all that bullshit. Adapt or die.

But I doubt any of this will happen until we forbid corporate money from politics, and actually ENFORCE that rule.

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moonphase anger

Weird fucking shit

For the past several months - I don't know how many - I'd been wearing the same two necklaces without taking them off, ever. Which is a bit unusual for me. Then the other day, I took the pentacle necklace off for the first time in ages, and left the 8-rayed star on.

But then today, I began having an urgent need to take the second necklace off. I struggled with the tie on the cord for a while, going into a minor freakout, trying not to panic, since the thing couldn't fit over my head and wouldn't come untied. I finally had to cut it off, which annoys me but I do have more of that pink cord, and I put the cut necklace into a ziping pocket in my messenger bag so it won't get lost.

What's more annoying, the weird feeling in my throat, and the feeling in my head - both of which are probably psychosomatic, but still concerning - haven't gone away. They got better, but they're still there. I don't know if the throat weirdness will go away until I swallow something, and maybe not even then. You see, it's this feeling like I have a pill stuck in my throat. I'm fairly certain I don't, but it's just one of those things that pops up every now and then with me, spontaneous irrational fears or concerns with no real cause as far as I can tell, that stick around for a while and then vanish again.

As to the feeling in my head... it feels like the feeling I get when I have to rebraid my hair, when my arms are up in the air making blood rush into my head and thus making my head feel weird. But I'm fairly certain it's a false feeling, my brain playing tricks on me. For one thing, it's more like a step or two up from the memory of that feeling. Secondly, my arms are not in the air.

Fuck it, I hate it when the random psychic flotsam and jetsam of the inside of my brain does weird shit like this.

Then yesterday, instead of going out of the apartment to do writing, I only got out long enough to go to Winco and get a few things there. Even that much was difficult, since despite getting 8 hours of sleep, I wanted nothing more than to go back to bed and sleep more. Which is a bit concerning, because I did that a lot before I got my CPAP. I use the CPAP all the time when I sleep now, so I shouldn't be doing that anymore. Though if it only happens once in a great while, I'm not going to worry too much about it.

What IS a bit more concerning is that the last couple nights, I'll get so far along the path to sleep and suddenly feeling like I'm not getting enough air. I've been using the CPAP for at least 6 months constantly, every night, so I should not be having that problem anymore. Oh, and when it isn't the inability to breathe that wakes me up, it's something else I can't put into words that just startles me awake. I don't think it's apnea, with the pressurized air, especially since it does eventually stop happening and the rest of my waking up at night is just discomfort from my crappy bed that I really ought to replace because it's been crappy ever since I bought it, and while I got used to it for a while, my body has since decided it can't abide the thing anymore. I need especially to see if I can find a bed better suited to side-sleepers.

So yeah, my life is annoying.

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Cyborg velociraptor by Djinni

Allistic assumptions of auties

"Remember your words!" A refrain many auties (autistics) hear, especially if we resort to animals sounds. But why? Isn't it true that the highest compliment you can give someone is to say that words are insufficient to tell them how much you love them? If words are so limited, why not expand our vocabulary to include words from the languages of other animals? (And there's plenty of evidence out there to show that, yes, other animals have their own languages, and a lot of them are quite as complex as human languages.) Maybe I don't even know how to put what I'm feeling into words, so I growl or purr or hiss or whatever, you ever think of that? Of course you didn't.

I think the reason for it is that when allistics (non-autistics) lose their words, it's generally a sign that they've lost self control. But what they don't understand is that such is not necessarily true; it is an assumption, especially as regards auties. I don't know about other people, but when I use animal sounds, I am still reasonable and in control, I just don't want to waste effort trying to put into human words what I have a perfectly good animal word for. Not enough time and/or available brain RAM to waste on translating simple and effective animal speech into the most recent version of the chaos that is human language.

What's more, that assumption sometimes works in my favor. If I tell someone to back the fuck off, they'll probably still ignore it if they're a certain personality type. But growl, hiss, yowl, or bark at them, and they DO back the fuck off, usually. In this instance, the animal word for "back the fuck off" is often far more effective.

Another thing a lot of auties hear is "Quiet hands!" No. Just stop saying that. If I'm flapping my hands, I'm either too excited for words, or I'm trying to get my brain in gear. Either way, by trying to make me stop, you are being the opposite of helpful. I'm already having trouble, in that instance, with getting my brain in verbal gear, and having to add the subroutines for compliance to allistic norms is NOT going to speed up the process at all. Flapping hands is often the autistic version of a computer's processing ellipsis, so it means "Processing. Please wait." (And it's not a case of having less RAM than allistics, it's a case of having too many programs running, or the programs we have running are processing too much data. Or both.) Would you rather have some outward sign of such a processing problem, or not? (Bearing in mind of course that with no outward sign, we'd just be sitting there, unresponsive, frustrating you even more.)

So please stop assuming things that are wrong. Your assumptions just end up frustrating the both of us.

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