September 3rd, 2014



I have curtains on my windows at last! Well, curtains on one window. The other curtain needs washing (my roommate found them in a free box). They are a beautiful dark brown color, kinda satiny. They're not blackout curtains, but oh man, you should see the difference this one pair makes! Compared to the window that still just has blinds, it's practically black. So when the other one goes up, it's gonna be REALLY dark in my room without the lights on. Perfect! I mean, the first thing I said to the apartment manager when I saw these windows was "Damn. One window is bad enough, but TWO?" When she expressed confusion, I told her I'm nocturnal, and would prefer a windowless room, but that I supposed I could always get blackout curtains.

I've lived in a windowless room before. It wasn't perfect, since the wall in that house between my bedroom and the storage room was... weird... and so at certain times of the day light would leak from the storage room into my room through the weird wall. Still, aside from those times of the day, it was my favorite bedroom ever! It especially helped that it was underground, and so stayed cool in summer and warm in winter.

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