August 26th, 2014


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High school dreams

Night before last, I had another of those annoying recurring dreams, where I'm still at high school, like I got held back or, in some cases, told that I shouldn't have been graduated to begin with and having to retake high school all over again. (Practically a nightmare, for me.) In these dreams, I'm usually failing all over again, I often can't find my classes, or I've skipped several days of school and am way behind.

This time, though, I was doing my very best and still failing. Toward the end of the dream, I did something I'd never done before: I declared I was dropping out and getting my GED instead, because the whole education system sucks and, I quote myself, "I always ace tests but suck at homework."

I think I have these dreams because 1. I never did well in school despite my intelligence because I never saw the point of homework. (Still don't. Hardly any jobs exist where you do work when you're off the clock, so why does homework exist at all?) 2. I'm still struggling to understand this world and still fighting a crappy system/society.

Oh and last night? I think I had such a dream again, because I had the "trouble getting meals at the cafeteria" version of the dream. Usually it's having to go do something else during lunch time, or there being nothing I can eat, but this time it was the line being held up plus confusion behind the counter.

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