August 21st, 2014


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Ask and ye shall recieve.

Productive day. Socialized with Lily, got some writing done, and also did some more work on a new character. When Lily and Jesse went home, I spent some time at FredMeyer's, writing. Should have gotten something cheap to eat at the deli, since I still had it in the budget. Didn't think of it, though, because I wasn't hungry and I was too focused first on writing and then on buying a fan for a friend and going home.

Got off the bus at 42nd and Prescott, walking about 15 city blocks home because I don't trust the area around Killingsworth at night. (I've run into a few unsavory people there, which is why.) But the area along Prescott is pretty nice and quiet, mostly residential. So here I was, walking 15 blocks home with an empty stomach, and I got maybe 4 or 5 blocks in before I suddenly had the kind of hunger that is like "EAT SOMETHING, ANYTHING, NOW!" But I didn't have anything. I was like "Oh gods, I need something to eat!" As soon as I spoke, I came across this very well-lit blackberry bramble with a whole bunch of ripe berries. I ate a couple handfuls, it took the edge off enough so that I got almost all the way home before I started being so hungry again that I was like "MEAAAT! I CRAVE FLEEEESH!"

But yeah, that was cool, saying I needed food and there was food. I tried it again when I was almost home, but I guess my need wasn't as great then. But when it did start to get more desperate, I found another blackberry bramble. It wasn't very well lit, though, and I was literally a block away from home at that point, so I said, "Thank you, Universe; I appreciate it, but I'm only a block from home, so I'll pass. But thanks anyway."

Practically inhaled a bunch of grape tomatoes when I got home, though. And some raisins. Guess I needed the carbs.

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