August 1st, 2014


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Helping people feels good

Back in June, I walked by this homeless girl who spanges (spange = asking for spare change) in front of the FredMeyer's on Hawthorne, and she was not wearing any shoes. At first, I thought she had no shoes. As it turned out, she did have a pair, but they were not long for this world, and were uncomfortable flats. So it hurt her feet less to stand barefoot on the pavement in the middle of June than to wear the shoes. I had to help her.

I tried to get her some shoes at Goodwill, but by then they were closed, so I told her I'd get her some later. A couple days later, I went to Payless and got two pairs of sneakers for her (figured she could use something comfortable). I didn't want to go to Payless, because frankly their shoes suck. I barely walk in my shoes at all and Payless shoes are doing good to last me a year. I figure the way she uses them, she might get 6 months apiece out of them before they fall apart. Oh well, gives me time to save up to get her a decent pair. Maybe some Crocs. Ugly as all fuck, Crocs are, but damn they're well made. I have a friend whose pair of Crocs have lasted her at least 2 years and are still going strong. I have a pair of sandals made by the same company, which are both well made and look good.

Anyway, tried finding her that same day, could not find her. Every few days until yesterday I would try to find her, always to no avail. Finally ran into her today and gave her the shoes, and a dollar. She was very happy to get them. We talked a bit, and she confirmed something my roommate has been telling me; people this last month or two have been real assholes to homeless people, and stingy bastards to boot. Normally, spanging gets my roomie about $10 an hour, more or less, but lately she's doing good to make $2 an hour. (This is the same roommate who has applied to over 900 jobs in 2 or 3 years and ain't got squat to show for it.)

So please, people, if you don't have any money to give those less fortunate than yourself, you can wish them luck, give them a smile, tell them a good joke, do something to make their job a little less miserable, because good gods... from what I understand, it's like working retail, but the pay sucks even worse, the people tend to be more horrible, it's outdoors in the blazing hot sun or the freezing rain, standing for hours on hard cement. These people would rather be doing anything else, you know, but they have to do this because it's the only thing they can do, because everything else they've tried has failed. They are not lazy; hell, they deserve awards for the gruelling fucking work they do, on their feet all day with fuck-all to show for it most says.

Even if all you can do is wish them luck, please do so. There was one time I was broke myself, I wished this one guy luck. Came back that way hours later and he had a smile on his face as he thanked me for wishing him luck, because it worked, he made a lot more than he usually did that day. (A simple spell, wishing luck; something good happens after you wish them luck, their belief is supported, which reinforces the spell, and their elevated mood affects those around them, making them more generous.)

Anyway, I like helping people. It makes me feel good; especially people I know and like. Because I'm an empath, and with people I like and people I love, their pain is my pain, only worse; and their happiness is my happiness, only better. I know I'm already letting a friend of mine live with me basically rent free, but helping this other girl feels really good too, because she's one of Lily's friends, and now she's one of mine too.

But yeah, at least be polite. Better to say nothing at all than to be a raging sack of second-hand, syphilitic dildos. Spread some goodness in the world.

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