July 11th, 2014


New system name

Our collective really needs a new collective name. Since about 2005, we've just been "the Fayanora collective." But one of the members of the collective is named Fayanora, and so that's just kind of confusing. So we're trying to think of a name for the collective. We'll probably keep the Fayanora username on everything though.

Sat here with this much up for maybe an hour working on possibilities. And of course, it wasn't until I got up to get some food that the answer came to me:

The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (or Shao'Mor'Terra)
Djao'Mor'Terra = (ʒaʊ moʊr teəʳə)

We are an incarnation of Djao'Kain. Incarnations of Djao'Kain are collectively referred to, by us, as Shao'Mort or Djao'Mort. With there being almost certainly life on trillions of planets in this universe alone, who knows how many Djao'Morts there could be. And so Djao'Mor'Terra specifies us as the Djao'Mort of Terra. (Or at least, the only one we know about.)

So from now on, if I'm speaking about the collective as a whole, I will call us Djao'Mor'Terra or The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective.

You can still refer to us by Fay or Fayanora if you want, though. This is done more for our own need of a differentiation than anything else.

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