June 14th, 2014


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Cursive writing

So apparently, according to a Facebook post, Massachusetts wants to make learning cursive mandatory in all schools. I disagree. Quite apart from the fact that learning handwriting at all in this day and age is learning a practically-obsolete skill, there's the fact that cursive writing is just stupid.

They tried teaching me cursive growing up. I did learn it, but gave it up as soon as I could. I haven't written cursive in over 15 years, apart from my signature. Cursive is one of those things I never understood the point of. Cursive writing has always hurt my hands far more than print writing does (and print writing hurts my hand a lot), cursive is at least 10 times slower than print writing, and cursive is practically impossible to read. I can barely read my own cursive, let alone anyone else's. Why cursive was even invented in the first place is beyond my comprehension, let alone why it was ever taught to children. What's the point of it? The only thing I use cursive for is my signature, which doesn't have to be legible.

Also a further note about its illegibility: even well-written cursive is difficult for me to read. In print writing, the letters usually look distinctive enough to easily tell them apart, but in cursive it's all just a bunch of squiggly lines. These lines all look basically the same to me; the differences are so slight that it takes me three times longer to decipher well-written cursive than it does to decipher messy print writing.

Some may say "But... history! Old letters and documents in cursive!" So? Why torture children with that nonsense? Leave deciphering old letters to historians. Let people teach themselves cursive deciphering if they want to become historians, and teach kids to do a cursive signature, but beyond that it's just a torturous, pointless waste of time.

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