June 3rd, 2014


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Gosgolot again

I was thinking about Gosgolot, the main religion of the Duenicallo of Traipah, again. Specifically about their terror of their sun, which they call The Howler Into The Void, among other titles. And I had this sudden vision of another sect of Gosgolot, a potentially heretical sect, that - while they still fear The Orphanmaker, they believe that the stars in the sky, along with Water's Demise, are "howling" into the void for a reason. They don't believe it's simply "marking territory" like the main Gosgolot religion preaches. Instead, they believe that all those stars are in fact singing, in a trillions-strong chorus, but not out of some kumbaya kind of feeling. No, the Singers Into The Void, horrifying as they all are, are singing in order to keep closed the gates on something much more terrifying. Something so mind-shatteringly vast and terrible that it takes the combined efforts of trillions of magic-wielding enormous fire giants (the stars) to keep it at bay, and would devour the entire universe if it got in.

Because of that belief, these heretics attempt to help out in their own small way by attempting, somehow, to worship the sun without calling its attention to them. After all, the sun is still a horrifying monster that can wipe out entire planets as easily as a man can squash a beetle. But just the fact that they *try* to worship the sun at all would probably get them attacked by other Gosgolots, maybe even killed. Hence, heretics.

Thought of a name for the heretical sect: SkriishyoHK [scree-shy-(oak with a throat-clearing sound)]

Yup, SkriishyoHK - For those who believe the Gosgolots don't have enough imagination.

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