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Which House would they be in?

On Tumblr there was a discussion about which Hogwarts houses differnt non-Potterverse characters would be in, and I decided to do that for my own characters:

For my own characters, I would put Lyria in Ravenclaw because she's brainy, even though she's also morally ambiguous and ambitious; I do this because her ambition is not self-serving, ultimately. Money is only a tool for her, and she doesn't seek power for power's sake; she has things she wants to do with that power. Good things, even if she does a lot of bad things to get that power. Lyria is also loyal, but I think her intelligence is the stronger trait, because while she would choose her loved ones over her ambitions and her inventing without a moment's hesitation, she would regret it forever if she couldn't go back to those things.

Forizano would be a Hufflepuff, because his strongest trait is loyalty. Yes, he's also brave, but he doesn't go into a situation requiring bravery unless he has to, either by being drafted into the military, or to protect the people he's loyal to.

I think I'd put Serret in Hufflepuff as well. Especially with new background info for her I came up with a few days ago. Basically, she would die for Lyria even if she knew Lyria couldn't bring her back to life.

I would put Meriel - Lyria's 9 year old daughter - in Slytherin, I think, because while she, too, is brainy enough for Ravenclaw (being at least as smart as her mom, if not as knowledgeable), she's cunning and sneaky and will go to any lengths to get what she wants. And though it hasn't really come up in the story yet, she's also very manipulative. I may even end up making her even more morally questionable than her mother is, farther down the road.

On to my Traipah universe now. I think Nokwahl... hmm... probably either Griffindor or Hufflepuff. *Thinks* I think I'll go with Griffindor, because she gladly goes into risky situations to help people in need, and if that's not bravery, I don't know what is. It's also daring, and nerve. She's also kind and compassionate, which I guess is close enough to "chivalry." (I have issues with that word.)

Alex Davison... hmm... I think I'd say Hufflepuff there. Sure he can be brave, but his bravery is a lot like Forizano's bravery. Sure, he'll also do all he can to help the innocent, but... well I guess a case could be made either way. I think the Sorting Hat might have a hard time making up its mind on him.

D'Reenah (Nokwahl's younger sister) is definitely Ravenclaw. No doubt there. Her braininess is mostly in creativity, writing, etc., but it's still braininess.

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