May 17th, 2014


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My roommate just came in cradling her arm and looking a mess, and told me she went to Emmanuel Hospital (Portland) and, after being interrogated and made to spell her name (which is Amy) a bunch of times, was refused treatment when she politely asked them to stop making her respell her name and just treat her already. They actually called security on her and the security people actually escorted her out! She’s reported them, of course, but has to wait until tomorrow to go to the hospital again because she doesn’t have the energy to go out again, nor the money to pay for an ambulance, which in the US (at least our part of it) costs $300. Three hundred dollars just to get an ambulance to the fucking hospital, and the emergency room costs even more. I fucking HATE this fucking country, and its fucked up priorities, and frankly I’m astonished that there hasn’t been a violent fucking uprising yet.

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Hermione not amused

Homo caudex malum

I find myself genuinely baffled at anyone who can’t manage to have empathy, let alone compassion and kindness, for people, especially their own children. It’s like, “how can these people be the same species as me?” It’s like, they look human and they sound human, but they aren’t human, because they don’t have a soul. Or they have only a partial soul.

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