May 15th, 2014


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Been re-reading what I've written so far in my Lyria novel, in order to make edits in places because I made Forizano continue to be a double amputee, and after reading this one chapter, I realized that Lyria, Forizano, Meriel, and possibly Jedocas and the others who were there as well, would all likely develop PTSD after the incident in that chapter. Lyria and Meriel, for sure, and it seemed plain Forizano would as well. So now I'll have to do even more editing, but that's okay - this is a realization I should have made ages ago, and it's too good an opportunity to pass up. (Protags with mental health issues? Why yes, we do indeed need more representation of that in fiction.)

Actually, I'd be very surprised if Forizano didn't already have PTSD, considering what happened to him in the war. And I know for a fact Lyria did already, too; she just didn't let on much, because after 300 years those wounds would have become a familiar ache. But this recent incident would reopen those wounds.

So if anyone wants to help contribute to my research on PTSD, feel free to comment or drop me a line at fayanora at gmail dot com. I have a fair starting point from Tumblr and from knowing at least two people with PTSD, but every little bit helps. Especially since I am interested in how the condition differs for different people, because I can already sense that the different characters will not respond to having PTSD in the same ways.

What's even better for the story, I plan to have these common issues bring Lyria and Forizano together, and faster than I had previously planned. (Oh, and lastly: it fits in nicely with my plan to use Forizano as an authorial chew-toy. That poor man is gonna be going through a LOT more before this is all over.)

Hmm... come to think of it, without realizing it, I may have made Nokwahl, of my Nokwahl/Traipah stories, have PTSD as well. A lot of her behavior makes sense in that context, and it fits, given what she's been through.

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