April 25th, 2014


Dreamwidth vs Livejournal

I have to say, I prefer Dreamwidth's mood theme editor to Livejournal's. On Dreamwidth, it only saves the changes you actually make. But on Livejournal, even one change and it saves EVERYTHING as though it were changed. IE, on the screen that comes up after hitting save, Dreamwidth lists only the ones that were changed, and Livejournal lists EVERY SINGLE ONE whether it was changed or not. Which is especially annoying as I think LJ's setup makes it fuck up. I keep having issues with LJ saying "that image URL is invalid" when it works just fine for Dreamwidth.

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Steph Sleepy

LJ vs DW pt 2

FINALLY! Finally at last I finished doing the mood themes! You LiveJournalers won't notice much difference, as I "merely" made changes to the existing mood theme... because for years I have been unable to get it completely done right, due to LJ being a cow patty about certain pictures. When Dreamwidth had no issues with any of the same pictures (or any in the moodtheme at all), I knew LJ had to be doing something stupid. Finally found a workaround: I uploaded the problem pictures to my LJ scrapbook and copy-pasted them from there. Shockingly, it worked! /sarcasm

Gods, that was exhausting, though.

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Sammi Hanratty pigtails

Plant bukakke

I was helping my friend Brooke with the weeding of the garden plot we share, a first pass with lots of work because it had grown completely over during the winter (Portland winters - mostly rain and lots of plants continue to live). There was this weird kind of grass growing in it that I had never seen before. I was weeding it and kept getting something hitting my face and getting close to getting in my eyes, and at first I thought it was Brooke shaking dirt off roots vigorously, but then I noticed that every time I even so much as brushed the weird grass, it spit little seeds out. It was fascinating, but annoying, as it was plant bukakke. (Plants cumming their seeds all over my face.)

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