April 24th, 2014


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Right to privacy

Just overheard a couple women talking about how someone they know has a setup where his kids' text messages go to his phone first and then he like, approves them or something. Or maybe he just got CC's of the texts, I dunno, I didn't hear it well. But one woman said something like "I think for adults that would be a violation of privacy, but for kids that makes good sense."

I didn't say anything to them, though I was very tempted to. Because what I wanted to say to them was, "It doesn't matter what age someone is, people are still people and have a right to privacy, even children. It is STILL a violation of privacy, and there's no justification for it. Just excuses." Because honestly, if they're old enough to use a cell phone to send and receive text messages, they have a right to those messages being private. Same goes for email.

Sheesh, the bullshit some people rationalize in the name of "safety." Oy vey.

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Hermione not amused

On another note...

On another note, I am gonna go ahead and start paying for a paid Dreamwidth account ahead of schedule, as it's only $3 or so per month, because I keep running into this "you have too many tags" bullshit that requires me to erase the new tag before I am allowed to post, even from Drivel.

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I have a paid Dreamwidth account now, and so the extra icons I had when my paid account expired several years ago are still there, but accessible now. So I chose one to put on this post. Hooray! No more being restricted to just 10 icons!

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