April 9th, 2014


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Hermione an Aspie?

My headcanon is Hermione Granger is an Aspie, and she became so emotionally astute out of necessity and observation, and trying to put herself in other people's shoes, because for so much of her school career, it was the only way to survive, and because she hoped it would help get her friends. And when Ron says "no wonder she hasn't got any friends," all the years of peer abuse and scorn she's had to put up with comes to a head because here in Hogwart's she thought she could make a clean start, but then Ron says the thing and she despairs of ever having friends, because she's just so swotty and socially awkward. So Ron and Harry finally befriending her after saving her life, it was like being born again. She was so grateful for them thinking to risk their lives to save hers, that she lied for them to show her gratitude, in the hope they would be friends now.

Although the lie could also have been a response to years of bullying; she may have been afraid that Ron and/or Harry would actively bully her/ostracize her if she didn't take the fall for it. She may have thought that their daring rescue was more to save their own arses than out of any concern for her. She was probably expecting them to be like other bullies and make her life even more miserable than usual if she didn't take the blame. And so them deciding to let her be their friend quite astonished and delighted her. And she could have easily taken a submissive role in the friendship and just gone along with whatever the boys wanted, but she stood up for what she thought was right, in her mind risking losing her new friends to tell them off for their recklessness, etc. Which would have made that first time Ron and Hermione weren't talking to each other because of Crookshanks and Scabbers all the more emotionally difficult to get through. Especially on top of her insane class schedule that year.

I also think Moaning Myrtle has a similar story up to a point, and it was only through lucky circumstances and Harry's kindness that Hermione didn't become the school's second weeping specter.

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Steph hail satan

Growing as a writer

I used to be too nice to cause any of my characters pain or suffering. Now I take a perverse pleasure in putting my characters through all kinds of hell. I think I have finally grown as a writer.

Especially poor Forizano Lysvalo. That man is going to be my special chewtoy. MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

I have made my decision: Forizano will not get such an easy out as his legs being regrown. He will become a physically disabled character.

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