April 6th, 2014

Elle looks up

Perils of long hair

Well today I was reminded of why I keep my hair in braids all the time.

You see, I had just enough energy this morning to comb out my hair and put it back in twin ponytails, but not enough energy to re-braid it. So I spent all day long constantly having to deal with my hair getting in my mouth and in front of my eyes, and getting caught in straps and in my cloak's clasp and so on, and being pulled. Lots of "Ouch!" and "FUCK!" today because of that.

In other news, got some new shoes. Sandals by Crocs, normally almost $35, marked down to $20.95.

And I now have the Farnsworth buzz from Warehouse 13 as my ringtone, and ST:TNG computer saying "Incoming transmission" for my text message sound. You may now be jealous.

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